The Prize

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What does it take to win a Nobel Prize? Deceit, fraud, even murder?

Set in the competitive world of cutting-edge medical research, The Prize is a science thriller in which jealousy over the discovery of a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease leads to fraud, betrayal and violence.

Pam Weller makes the discovery of a lifetime when she finds a drug with the potential for treating Alzheimer’s. But her success threatens the supremacy of Eric Prescott, a leading figure in Alzheimer’s research. Lusting relentlessly for the Nobel Prize, Prescott fears that Pam’s work will derail his ambitions. He seduces one of Pam’s research fellows and enlists her in a plot to brand Pam a fraud and steal her discovery. Leading Pam into a world where nothing is real, except threats to her career, her freedom and even her life.

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Reviews for The Prize


Fans of Robin Cook-style medical thrillers will relish the interpersonal relationships, drama, and contrast between lab and scientific research special interests…..the result is a thoroughly engrossing science odyssey that touches upon social and research issues alike.” Midwest Book Review

One of the highlights of this book is how comfortably Cooper manages to find a balance in presenting difficult scientific topics in an easy-to-follow narrative….An intense story about ruthlessness in the scientific community.”  Kirkus Reviews

A fast-paced science thriller that would rival Michael Crichton or Patricia Cornwell.Manhattan Book Review

“Geoffrey M. Cooper creates stunning antagonists in THE PRIZE, while peeling back the curtain of the scientific community to reveal its humanity. A great read for science lovers and anyone who enjoys a big, juicy scandal.
Ditrie Marie Bowie, IndieReader 4.5 Stars

“The Prize is a clever, suspenseful page-turner for seasoned lab-coat wearers and novice geeks alike. The real question here is not whodunit, but what took Geoffrey M. Cooper so long to start writing fiction. If he ever gets tired of test tubes and academic politics in real life, The Prize proves that he has the imagination and literary chops to have a robust second career as a writer.”  Colorado Book Review 4.5 Stars

The book provides a serious account of how scientific investigation can be side-tracked by chicanery…The end spirals to a climax that is only partially predictable.”  San Francisco Book Review 5 Stars

A gripping page-turner. The Prize has a lot of great things going for it – particularly, some solid thriller writing, as well as a fascinating look inside the medical research community. Cooper manages to take the complex field of medical research and make it not only understandable, but also exciting. For readers who enjoy medical thrillers, The Prize is a top notch entry into the genre.”  Self-Publishing Review 4.5 Stars

A medical thriller at its best, featuring themes that are real and contemporary and characters that are highly believable. The reader gets sucked into a world of science and medicine, with characters that are driven and rock-solid… Geoffrey M Cooper demonstrates a great gift for conflict and plot, weaving scenes that are emotionally rich and focused, and keeping the reader excited about the plot with well-crafted suspense and red herrings. The Prize is surely a bestseller in the making, a page-turner that is intelligently plotted and accomplished with unusual finesse and mastery.”  Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars

an interesting, riveting read and an introduction to the competitive world of medical science.”  Stacy Alesi’s Book Bitch Blog

“Held my attention from the beginning to end.” Urban Reviews

“there are moments of suspense in this well presented tale that drops little scientific facts to the reader as the story progresses.”  Madderly Review

“Geoffrey M. Cooper tells a solid and stark tale of scientific espionage, murder and deceit as he crafts edge-of-your-seat reading with razor taut tension.”  Tome Tender Book Blog

“A thriller for the dramatic scientist in all of us.” Jessica Ellman, Sackler Insight

“a really intriguing story…I recommend it to people that like to read medical stories and thrillers.”  Jayran Main, Review Tales

The Prize was genuinely difficult to put down once I started it…The characters were very realistic and even left me mad at times.”  Online Book Club 4/4 Stars

Providing a window into the cut-throat aspects of scientific research, Geoffrey M. Cooper’s debut THE PRIZE is a top-notch read with high reader appeal for both thriller and science-minded aficionados.Indie Reader Discovery Awards

“The Prize is a fast-paced medical thriller with a compelling plot…It will make you look at every press release and news report you hear about “research breakthroughs” in a new light.”  , A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight

What Geoffrey Cooper, a former professor and cancer researcher, has produced here is an engaging and page-turning thriller with a scientific context.Brian Clegg, Popular Science

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