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I’m a retired scientist and academic administrator, now spending full-time as an author. I formerly held positions at Harvard Medical School and Boston University as professor, department chair, and associate dean. In addition to over 100 scientific papers, I’ve written two textbooks and one general audience book on cancer as well as a cell biology text, The Cell, now in its eighth edition.

As a novelist, I’ve brought my experience in the world ofNIEA award academic research to life as a backdrop for fiction. My first novel, The Prize, is an award-winning medical thriller based on fraud, deceit and violence growing out of the¬†discovery of a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

My second novel, Nondisclosure, is in the final stages of editing and will be coming in the summer of 2019. Set in a Boston research university, Nondisclosure deals with a case of sexual harassment that escalates to rape and murder.

Geoffrey M. Cooper