Bad Medicine

National Indie Excellence and Readers’ Favorite Book Awards

Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Book 3

When Professor Brad Parker is asked to serve as interim director of the Maine Translational Research Institute, he thinks he’ll have nothing more on his hands than a messy dispute between two faculty members. But what awaits him is much worse. Rather than an ordinary academic conflict, Brad finds himself dealing with sabotage, blackmail, and the mysterious deaths of patients in a clinical trial. As Brad and his partner—FBI agent Karen Richmond—race to unravel a murderous conspiracy, they find themselves at the top of a hired killer’s list of targets. 

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Praise for Bad Medicine

“Written in a clear, captivating voice, Cooper draws you in from the very beginning… This is thriller writing at its best; you won’t be disappointed.” Manhattan Book Review

“Plot twists and fast-paced action make this a fun yet scary story.” Bill Bushnell, Central Maine Sentinel

“A noteworthy whodunit with unexpected plot twists.” Kirkus Reviews

Bad Medicine adds another new medical thriller to Geoffrey M. Cooper’s arsenal of hard-hitting novels… a compelling read, worthy of acclaim and recommendation.” Midwest Book Review

“With every book he pens, Cooper consistently proves that he is an author of novels you simply can’t put down. It is easy to get sucked in to one with the intention of reading just a chapter or two, only to look up as you close the book and realize you’ve read the whole thing in one sitting. But Geoffrey M. Cooper is that good. And so is Bad Medicine.” Colorado Book Review  

“Cooper outdoes himself in his latest medical thriller… Realistic, non-stop action, Bad Medicine is the ultimate in science suspense novels.” Seattle Book Review

“[A] taut ride of suspense that won’t let you go. Cooper is a master at the medical thriller, cleverly weaving medicine into a dramatic conspiracy plot. Fans of Robin Cook medical thrillers will love Bad Medicine.” Readers’ Favorite

“Bold storytelling, a sensitive portrayal of relationship problems and a taut whodunit makes BAD MEDICINE: A Medical Thriller another winner.” IndieReader

“Fabulous writing that is hard-hitting, cleverly infusing medicine with a dark and edgy plot. Geoffrey M. Cooper clearly knows his medicine and how to lead us down a twisted path that feels real and holds us captive to each page.” Tome Tender

“If you enjoyed the other Brad and Karen books, you’re going to like this one. Besides being a good thriller, it’s another fascinating glimpse behind the curtain at the highest levels of medical research.” A Ruined Chapel by Midnight