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The Cell is a basic text for students taking a first course in cell and molecular biology. Since publication of the first edition in 1998, The Cell has been focused on providing an accessible introduction to this rapidly moving field of science. Now in its eighth edition (2019), The Cell continues to be a readable and cohesive text that explains the principles of cell biology and enables students to appreciate current advances in a field characterized by a continual explosion of new information. Publisher: Oxford University Press, Available at Amazon        

“It is a remarkable achievement for Cooper to assimilate the rapid advances in this research area, consolidate existing knowledge, and present the essential information in an accessible and stimulating form. Cooper has succeeded in conveying the excitement and challenges of cell and molecular biology today.”  The Quarterly Review of Biology

“This book is very successful in providing a basic understanding of the structure and function of a cell. The book is a good read for students just beginning to study the complexities of cell biology, as well as a good review for intermediate students who already have an understanding of the subject.”  Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

cancerThe Cancer Book (1993) was written to meet the needs of general readers wishing to obtain a broad understanding of cancer. Written in nontechnical language, it discusses the basic nature and causes of cancer, the principles underlying treatment, and provides an introduction to cancer research. Publisher: Jones & Barlett, Available at Amazon

“Geoffrey Cooper’s The Cancer Book: A Guide to Understanding the Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer is an excellent resource. Clearly and succinctly written, it reviews for the lay reader many technical topics that are glossed over or distorted by many health books. This is an excellent reference for the practicing physician or oncologist who would like to refer patients, neighbors, and nonmedical friends to a book that is current and accurate.”  Journal of the National Cancer Institute


Elements of Human Cancer (1992) was written as an introductory college-level text that provides an overview of both the scientific and clinical aspects of cancer, as well as the background needed to understand continuing advances in cancer research and treatment. Publisher: Jones & Barlett, Available at Amazon

“I found this book extremely easy to read, quite informative at an entry level, and thorough.  The author obviously has a comprehensive understanding of most of the latest laboratory and clinical advances in the broad field of oncology and conveys it to the reader.” The New England Journal of Medicine

oncogenesOncogenes (second edition 1995) is intended to serve the needs of advanced undergraduates and graduate students by providing an introduction and broad overview of research that elucidated the molecular basis of cancer. Publisher: Jones & Barlett, Available at Amazon

“Cooper has produced an admirable book that is, above all, a good read.”  Nature
“This book will undoubtedly become a standard introduction to cancer research.” Cancer Cells

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