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Winner of 2020 IndieReader Discovery Award for Fiction

Finalist 14th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Book 1. A star professor at a leading medical research institute accuses a colleague of drugging and sexually assaulting a student. Department chair Brad Parker and university detective Karen Richmond join forces to investigate, but their efforts are stymied when the victim can’t remember what happened. Then her memory begins to return—and she’s brutally raped and murdered. The conclusion seems obvious, but in the absence of forensic evidence the police hit a stone wall. Until Brad and Karen’s inquiries take an unexpected turn that threatens their own lives and exposes a cover-up at the highest levels of the university.

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Praise for Nondisclosure 

“This book manages to accomplish, in a short space, what few books are capable of with far more pages. It is at once a compelling mystery, a fascinating peek into the politics of academia, and a nuanced look at the Me Too movement. This is a well-thought-out examination of current events and a worthy addition to the national conversation.” Manhattan Book Review

“Geoffrey M. Cooper crafts a riveting saga of mystery, discovery, and redemption…. readers interested in medical thrillers will relish the turns taken in an engrossing story that’s hard to put down.” Midwest Book Review

“Nondisclosure is one of this year’s best mysteries by a Maine writer….a gritty mystery, well-crafted with a complex, intriguing plot, tense suspense, vivid action and wholly believable characters. And, sadly, the events depicted here really do happen in real life.” Central Maine Sentinel

“A fast-paced medical thriller with a cast full of brilliant characters. Engaging and suspenseful to the very end!” San Francisco Book Review

“Gene-targeted drugs and immunotherapy aren’t normally the stuff of heady thrillers, but thanks to liberal doses of drama, deceit, and interpersonal relationships woven into the storyline, Nondisclosure is a riveting read with wide appeal. A medical thriller with plenty of twists and turns, Nondisclosure is sure to satisfy lovers of the genre.” Self-Publishing Review

Nondisclosure is a highly recommended read for fans of politically charged murder mysteries, thrilling suspense novels, and current social issues.” Readers’ Favorite

“…an intriguing and meticulously plotted medical thriller that involves the inner workings at a top research university where scandal threatens to taint its important new discovery.” IndieReader

Nondisclosure successfully continues in the same vein as The Prize as a story of murder and deceit in the world of scientific research and academia….All told, Nondisclosure is an outstanding murder mystery, one that should help Geoffrey M. Cooper continue to make a name for himself as an intelligent, thoroughly entertaining writer.” Colorado Book Review

“Page after page of bold storytelling that will unravel the truth at the end without using over-theatrics, just gifted writing.” Tome Tender Book Blog

” Fans of Cooper’s first novel The Prize will instantly recognize and enjoy the same engrossing writing style….What really stands out about the book is its theme. It shines a light on how corruption can happen even in institutions that we normally think of as forthright, honorable, and respectable.” Ruined Chapel

“I truly did not want to put the book down once I started and ended up finishing it in two days….I will definitely be on the lookout for Cooper’s next book.” Madderly Review

“…a gifted author with the personal knowledge to contribute much to the area of medical thrillers.” Stacy Alesi’s BookBitch

“Wonderfully written with descriptive, fully developed characters and believable situational elements, NONDISCLOSURE: A Medical Thriller by Geoffrey M. Cooper, takes readers on an investigative journey.”  IndieReader Discovery Awards

“As an individual once immersed in academia, this reader highly recommends this author’s presentation as a thoroughly enjoyable novel based on matters about which he demonstrates an intimate knowledge.” John Manhold Book Reviews

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