Ill Intent


Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Book 4

A terminally ill scientist leaves a letter to be delivered to his niece upon his death. A letter revealing a forty-year-old secret so damning that she’s killed to keep it from seeing the light of day. As Brad Parker, director of the Maine Translational Research Institute, and his partner, FBI agent Karen Richmond, investigate, the death toll mounts. And their own lives and careers are threatened. 

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Praise for Ill Intent

“In this fourth series installment, the author again presents a first-person mystery in a style that’s reminiscent of classic noir, and its conversational, moderately sarcastic tone makes Brad a relatable narrator…A whodunit that effortlessly navigates a complex plot and deepens its narrator’s characterization.” Kirkus Reviews

Ill Intent is as suspenseful as it is satisfying. It will hook you from start to finish with every juicy twist. This medical thriller is likely to convert you to a fan of this genre.” San Francisco Book Review

Ill Intent’s focus on moral and ethical conundrums, its dash of romance, and its ability to keep the action on track and varying creates a medical thriller that is firmly rooted in psychological interactions and unexpected developments. Medical thriller readers can expect a treat with the depth and many surprises in Ill Intent.” Midwest Book Review

“[I]t’s very easy to get caught up in the story and hard to put the book down until it’s resolved. An intriguing and engaging mystery mingling science, crime, and academic backstabbing, Geoffrey M Cooper’s Ill Intent has enough twists and turns to keep readers turning pages until the very end.” IndieReader

“[A] fascinating medical suspense tale that is sure to keep readers turning the pages from cover to cover…I would highly recommend Ill Intent to fans of cleverly plotted medical mysteries, engaging series with solid standalone adventures, and for readers of exciting conspiracy fiction everywhere.” Readers’ Favorite

“Another captivating read by author Geoffrey M. Cooper. A fast-moving whodunnit investigation with plenty of action, deceit, and suspense.” Seattle Book Review

“I highly recommend this book, and the series as a whole. Besides being extremely entertaining thrillers, they also have a theme running through them about corrupting influences that even some of the best and brightest people can succumb to if they’re not careful.” A Ruined Chapel by Midnight