Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Book 2

Genomic engineering, espionage, immortality, and murder

Brad Professor Brad Parker is enjoying his sabbatical in one of Harvard’s leading genomic engineering labs, focused on altering the human genome to meet challenges like treating cancer and increasing longevity. Then he’s interrupted by a surprise request from the FBI. Can he help them track down a Chinese spy who’s stealing the lab’s secrets? Becoming engaged in a case of criminal conspiracy is the last thing Brad wants to do—but at the urging of Karen Richmond, his partner and now an FBI agent herself, he agrees. The ensuing hunt takes Brad and Karen down a trail of treachery and death that leads from Boston to the coast of southern Maine, where a killer lies in wait.

Where to Buy Forever

Maine Authors Publishing

Also available in Maine independent bookstores 

Praise for Forever 

“Complete with science, espionage, and action, Forever is a book that will keep you on your toes. As genomic scientist Brad Parker finds himself falling deep into a plot of espionage and lies, he realizes things aren’t always what they seem. This is a page-turner from start to finish.” San Francisco Book Review

Forever is a medical thriller on the lines of a Robin Cook-style saga, but with the added bonus of Brad Parker’s first-person perspective. The result is a gripping, science-based story that revolves around manipulation, mutants, and murky situations. Forever is designed to keep readers on edge to its satisfying conclusion.” Midwest Book Review

“Espionage, perilous international affairs, and cynicism can all be found in the chilling novel of Forever. Cooper has delivered another riveting novel to keep you on the edge of your seat!” Manhattan Book Review

“A persuasive tale of scientific intrigue.” Kirkus Reviews

“Cooper continues to impress with his suspenseful plotting and sharp, uncluttered prose. In Forever, he has skillfully given us a double whammy of scientific subversion and deceit intertwined with foreign espionage.” Colorado Book Review

“Brad Parker and Karen Richmond return as an unlikely crime-solving duo in Forever, a gripping mystery by Geoffrey Cooper. Unraveling a story that is both timely and riveting, Forever is a patient, well-researched, and humanistic medical thriller.” Self-Publishing Review

“Geoffrey M. Cooper has written a chilling page-turner in Forever: A Medical Thriller. This gripping tale has many unexpected twists and turns, and the ending is unforeseen. It is a captivating read!” Readers’ Favorite

“a tight, edge-of-the-seat whodunit recommended for fans of meticulously researched science-based thrillers.” IndieReader

“This is Geoffrey Cooper’s best thriller yet, and if you’ve read my reviews of Nondisclosure and The Prize, you know that’s saying something. All his books are gripping page-turners that offer fascinating glimpses into the politics of academia.” Berthold Gambrel, Ruined Chapel at Midnight

“Geoffrey M. Cooper has nailed another intriguing thriller that will have readers turning page after page, following a labyrinth of clues that will not be untangled until the very end.” Tome Tender

“The book is well written and is action-packed. The pace complemented the scenes, and the exquisite style of descriptive writing enhanced the reader’s enjoyment. Cooper’s professional background really helps him in the story plot.” Jeyran Main Review Tales


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